IT WILL PASS: A conversation with Gucci Mar


It’s a hot a** day in LA in a stuffy photo studio full of artists and creatives. Despite the deep collection of interesting individuals in the room, Gucci Mar would be one of the first people you notice. Her confidence, vibe, and overall energy naturally have a gravity of their own. While everyone is taking a break from long hours of shooting a music video, she turns up her own track as loud as possible and starts dancing and vibin out. This very energy is what has made Gucci Mar a household name in the Santa Ana music scene.

Born and raised in Santa Ana, Gucci Mar’s unapologetic energy has helped her build a following of fans. Her music at its’ core instills and inspires both healthy bravado and confidence to feel and say whatever the f**k you want. Something many of us wish we had. But underneath the bars and face stamps that we all see, Gucci Mar is more than that. Beyond the title of artist, musician, and rapper she is a lot more than people see. She is a student. She is a local icon. She is Latina. She is human. And if you took the time to have a conversation with her you’d come to find out she is an eclectic collection of cool, kind, intelligent, funny, self-aware, caring, and dope energy.

While you may be able to draw some of those assumptions if you follow her on social media, she puts that into real perspective for us, “Everyone thinks we as artists have it together because we only post the good s**t.” For Gucci Mar this has been a truth she has been sharing if you paid attention. All of the positive things that she has made for herself did not come without periods of personal struggle. We may as people move through life smiling in public and in her case, all the time as she maintains a public profile, but “sometimes in reality we aren’t really smiling inside.” That became the foundation for a deep conversation we had with Gucci Mar on the set of our new capsule entitled “Nobody’s Smiling”

Peep some of the knowledge Gucci Mar dropped on us below during our conversation with her: 


“Music is how I deal with things in my life. It’s a great outlet. In music I feel like I can finally speak. That’s me talking. I like that I can say whatever I want. It gives me a sense a power. I love the way that it makes me feel.”


“Music fills a part of me that I always felt was kind of missing. It’s so dope for people to say ‘I really f*ck with your music’. People message me and they will say I’m inspiring. I just do what I do, but to be considered as someone that someone else can look up to is so dope.” 


“I’ve always felt like people don’t think I’m smart. But what I’m studying right now, I LOVE IT. I love learning about it. It makes me feel like I am smart. When I was in high school I’d have a lot of people pick at my intelligence, but now going to school and getting good grades it makes me happy.” 


“I think style is whatever you feel comfortable in. I honestly think anyone can rock anything, the only thing you need to pull it off is confidence. I like to be comfy, that’s when I feel confident.”


“I have a my Matthew 17:20 tattoo, this is a bible verse, that’s as long as you have faith even the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. A mustard seed is really really small, it’s like the tip a needle. We all go through some sh**ty stuff but I think it’s important that we have a little bit of faith because that’s what keeps us going.”


“I have a phrase on here that says ‘It will pass’. The first tattoos that I got were initially to cover my scars. I have a lot of scars on my arms. I put this on here just in case I ever feel the urge to do it again, I just look at it. You feel bad right now, but it will pass. You can get through it. A little reminder.”


“Time heals and things really do get better. There’s tons of sh*t that has happened, and I am sure a lot of people deal with their own things. I’m so grateful for everything that has happened, because everything that has happened has led me here. Like if I didn’t go through any of that I probably wouldn’t even be talking to you. I like that I went through it because I feel like I have now some sort of platform where I can bring attention to this problem. I feel like a lot of people deal with it but not a lot of people talk about it. I have a younger brother and I would never want him to feel the way I did.”

 If you want to see what Gucci Mar is up to and take a look at her day to day vibe follow her Instagram account @GucciMar

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