Black Lives Matter

Rest in Power George Floyd. Rest in Power Breonna Taylor. Rest in Power Ahmaud Arbery. Rest in Power all Black People who have senselessly lost their lives to a broken system. 

As a society, we cannot move forward in life without standing for our Black Brothers and Sisters' right to live a life without fear. Our fates and destinies are linked with the Black Community.

While this issue is not new, the masses have no excuse to keep ignoring the injustices that impact the Black Community. We cannot continue to consume and celebrate Black Culture when things are fun, but fail to speak up amidst conversations that involve racism and police brutality because it makes us feel uncomfortable. 

This is not a time to admonish people for expressing their frustration at a system that doesn’t respect their right to live. This is not the time to say all lives matter. This is not the time to say that there are good cops too or to ask what protesting is really going to do. It is the time to listen, stand in solidarity, and understand how you can help and be a part of the solution.

We understand that not everyone can do everything to help, but everyone can do something.

Sharing information on social media is a start, but our Black Community deserves much more. The issue is not seasonal and is not just a trend. We must continue informing ourselves to learn how we as individuals can better impact the systemic changes that the Black Community deserves. We also need to keep each other accountable. This comes with educating one another to bridge the gaps of knowledge related to these issues, addressing anti-Black behaviors we witness or engage in, listening and standing in solidarity with the Black community, and using our privilege as non-Black POC to proactively impact the systems that negatively affect Black lives.

What Can We Do?

As we learn new ways to support the Black community every day here are some things we can do starting now: 

  • Start researching and addressing some of the anti-Black behaviors that are taking place in your personal life 
  • Support Black people and the groups that are tackling these very issues (vocally, monetarily, and through action) 
  • Continue to help fill the educational gaps within our daily communities regarding these issues by spreading information 
  • Research local parts of the bigger corrupt system that you can affect and start taking action on 
  • Attend protests and protect yourself through them by following safety pre-cautions

To help provide your social media feeds with resources and more information follow some of these people, organizations, and pages. Keep in mind that we are not endorsing specifically donating to any of these organizations, people, or pages before doing your own research but providing their links because of the critical race lens they provide on information they are sharing: