Dear Nipsey


It’s been a dark 48 hours with you gone Nipsey. Our prayers and positive energy goes out to your family and everyone affected by this tragedy.

It goes without saying that your loss has really fucked a lot of us up for so many reasons. You inspired us in so many ways and it's evident the world shares the same feeling.

You taught us the power of using your platform for impact. From the very beginning you vocalized the issues deeply rooted in your community that held a lot of people back. You used your voice and resources to give the people in your community hope. You gave them resources so they too could have a chance to prosper from their circumstances.

In a deeply troubling political time for the nation, you saw the pain in other communities and stood up for them. You gave us hope that we were not alone in feeling this experience by acknowledging our value and calling for Black and Brown unity.

You showed us we have the power to create and own our ideas.

You inspired us to be better. You reminded us that energy is something we can control, and we should make a conscious effort to create better energy through our thoughts and actions.

We can’t explain your loss, but we can certainly say the world is different without you.

From Crenshaw to Santa Ana your message will live through us Nipsey.

Rest in peace LEGEND.