For Her Collection

The For Her Collection is a collaboration between LXGNDXRY & AllieRock.

Allie is a DJ in Santa Ana who lives for music and making a positive impact on people’s lives. Identifying as a Latina and a Womxn, Allie has always wanted to use her voice to empower Womxn from her community.

Our purpose with this collection was to create a moment for us to honor and empower Womxn. At the same time, we wanted to acknowledge the disadvantages Womxn go through, and let the Womxn in our lives know we are here to support them.

Every facet of the design was a reflection of this. The combination of vibrant and dark pallets is a reflection of the experiences Womxn in this world endure, each experience different in its’ own way. Each piece is an opportunity to honor the Womxn in our lives and acknowledge how powerful Womxn are, overcoming systematic disadvantages every day of their lives.

The passage written on each shirt is an ode to this and provides a space for those wearing the shirt to pay their respects to Womxn that have impacted their life by that person’s name directly on the shirt.

We have come a long way, but have so much further to go before we reach the equality and justice Womxn deserve. Each purchase will be helping this fight! A portion of proceeds from each purchase will be donated to an organization helping empower Womxn of color.

To learn more about AllieRock visit her site at

To stay informed on these issues and find events to get involved follow @af3irm on Instagram.