Santa Ana raised us. Santa Ana made us who we are.

The city was never perfect growing up, but it was perfect to us. It was where we felt at home no matter where we wandered. Our cultura was reflected everywhere. The paleteros. The eloteros. The Tortas. La iglesia. It was all there, and it was all home. But home is changing.  People are coming in to change the city. Slowly taking away the pieces that made it home. Making us think the city is better off this way. They would like us to hate ourselves. To hate our city. To hate what was once there. This piece is meant for us to reflect on those ideas of systemic oppression and racism that is driving the change in our city. A reminder to LOVE SANTA ANA.

The psychedelic design is inspired by the Hippie era of the late 1960s and early ‘70s that was defined by social, political, and artistic shifts. Shifts in higher consciousness. Shifts that forced us to think critically about the fucked up shit permeating our society and to find ways to combat that with information and love.

LOVE who you are.

LOVE where you come from.