Summer Break Capsule

The Summer Break capsule was inspired by the classic collegiate font tees and hoodies we all grew up wearing. We wore college themed tees and hoodies as a reflection of many different things: our school pride, to support our favorite sports team, to support a family or friend attending the school, or even to support the dream of higher education.

Looking back Summer Break was always a time to relax, have fun, but also recharge and reflect. For a lot of our friends and family in school that meant coming home and enjoying the little things, like hitting up the swap meet with the family or hanging out at various Santa Ana spots with friends.

No matter the case, the college tee and hoodie became a staple for us in the Summer. We would always find ourselves rocking our favorite college tee or hoodie during the Summer Break, waiting for the next semester to start or the next college football season to kick in.