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This hat was designed to bring forth awareness and continue the conversation of the disproportionate city spending across all sectors. In our city of Santa Ana, the Police Department accounts for 41% of the city's General Fund for Fiscal Year '20-21. That's about $134M dollars of funding to pay for salaries, overhead, and operations across all their departments. That sounds reasonable until you realize the second highest percent of the budget is allocated to the Fire Department at about $49M, 63% less funds than the SAPD. Even more alarming, sectors such as our Public Library and Community & Development only receive 3% of the city's total General Fund budget. That's about $9M for both to cover salaries, overhead and operations; 93% less money for funding than our police. There are important programs, departments and sectors we need to build up in our community to help educate and give our youth resources and opportunities rather than turning to gang involvement and crime. The first step is to get educated and have these conversations. 

Profits from this shirt will be put towards the Know Your Rights Camp organization. We will also be sourcing additional local organizations we can help support. 


  • FYPD embroidered on the front foam panel
  • Trucker cap with foam front panel