LONG HOT SUMMER Upcycled GAP Coney Denim

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This is a pair of upcycled GAP X Coney distressed denim hand sourced and re-designed by our team and inspired by our LONG HOT SUMMER COLLECTION. 

History repeats itself and so do the cycles of hate this country was built on. The summer of 1967 was known as LONG, HOT SUMMER. A summer that was defined by race riots across the country that sparked as a result of continued injustice and discrimination against the Black communities of America. Violence against Black people only 3 years after the civil rights act sparked a moment that would express the realities of racism in America. 

53 years later we find ourselves in a moment that has come full circle. The death of George Floyd in May brought a resurgence to the reality that America’s deep rooted history of racism is alive and well. A history of oppression. A history of discrimnation. A history built into every system that governs the lives of every person in America. A system designed with white supremacy at its mantle at the expense of ever-evolving oppression of minorities. 

This summer, people in America were forced to pay attention as they were confined to their homes during a global pandemic. This made way for a mass awakening to the complete lineup of social injustice. An awakening for many of us, to how flawed every part of the system is and a reminder that we cannot be numbed to the ways the world around us is designed to control and deplete our communities mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

With this awakening has come a new revolution of information and action. Empowering us to invest in ourselves with information and find our role in leading change.

Product Details Below:
  • Screen painted art 
  • Hand sourced GAP X Coney denim size 32x30